Show example and join the revolution! 

The world is running out of natural resources. Growing number of consumers want sustainable products, and over one-third will pay 25 % more for them.

Reused-Remade Bag is made of reutilized fibers from discarded Lindström bed linens and has a significantly lower environmental impact than a standard plastic bag, a virgin cotton fiber bag, and a recycled PET bag. Plastic-free and multi-use Reused Remade Bag is an easy stepping stone for the everyday consumer to choose a sustainable option. With Reused Remade Bag you:

  • Lead the way! Show example for the growing demand of more sustainable solutions.
  • Show responsibility by being part of the circular economy by giving a new life for textiles. 
  • Tell your story by generating brand awareness by associating your company to the success story.
  • Engage your customers: Make it easy for your customers to strive for cleaner planet.

Together we can make a difference! We support you on each step with durable bags and effortless service.